About Us


Howard Boothroyd

Managing Consultant


We have a passion for helping Resorts & Campgrounds optimize their energy use, eliminate waste, and to improve their property's financial performance.  


Having worked with resort properties for more than a decade, we understand the environment and operational challenges of large, complex properties.  

We measure our success by our client's success.  We go under, over, around and, if needed, through the wall to ensure their success in energy management and expense reduction.  

With 30 years of combined experience in facilities infrastructure, a wide range of energy, communications and control technologies, utility tariffs and best practices we know how to leverage best practices and technology to secure substantial, long-term savings.

Having worked with organizations in the realm of facilities evaluation and expense reduction and control (specializing in energy & communications services) for decades, and large complex properties over the past 12 years, we have a well-developed understanding of the complexity of such facilities, and specific expertise in resort property energy use, technologies and services - and we produce results.

Let us help you keep more of yout property's operating profits.

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