Technology Concierge Service

Achieving the promised energy savings and eliminating energy waste often requires updating energy-using equipment or controls.  From lighting and lighting controls to heat recovery and motor controls, technology has evolved and legacy equipment may need to be updated.

What, where and under what terms the required technology is acquired will impact costs and by extension time to breakeven for the ECM, the project ROI and potentially maintenance demand. 

There are strategies that can be employed to substantially lower the cost of project-required equipment and materials.  Obtaining multiple quotes, aggregating purchases with other clubs running similar projects requiring like materials are prime strategies.   Accessing distribution channels to obtain technology at channel rates is yet another. 

Eco Management Partners is technology and vendor agnostic, which is to say that while we have substantial experience with a very wide range of technologies and services, we are vendor neutral. 

We care first that it is the proper technology for the project, that it is well-engineered and produced, and that the vendor / manufacturer has a positive track record of providing prompt warranty service should such be necessary.

With decades of technology sourcing experience and knowledge of technology supply channels, we provide clients valuable assistance in obtaining technology at or near manufacturer-direct or distribution channel rates. 

And as opportunity permits, clubs engaged in like projects in the same timeframe can aggregate their technology purchases to further leverage their collective buying power. 

Smart purchasing practices lower project material costs, shorten the time to project breakeven and increases the project ROI.

We can help.  Let's talk today.

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