Eco Energy Snapshot

For the property manager that senses there are likely opportunities to reduce energy expenses, or who may have ready taken steps to lower consumption and eliminate energy waste, an Energy Snapshot of the property and buildings is an easy, low-cost  means of learning where to focus attention and budget dollars to gain the most in energy savings.

The Eco Energy Snapshot process, a core element of Eco's Energy API, documents the basic energy profile across the property and throughout the buildings.  It answers briefly the fundamental questions of what energy is being pruchased, where and how is it being used, at what cost, under what tariff, and with what efficiency or waste - and where are the easy savings.   

The Energy Snapshot process yields high-valuable energy and facilities information, as well as recommended immediate no-cost and low-cost energy conservation measures (ECMs) that as implemented will produce meaningful energy and expense savings. 

The Energy Snapshot process includes one day and evening on site to observe and document energy use across the property.

Following the visit, an Energy Snapshot Report with basic ECMs will be readied for review with management. 

Energy Snapshot ECM plan is ready to launched.  

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

The path to reduced energy expenses begins with a conversation.

Let's talk.

 Our Commitment

To work together with you until all excess energy expenses  have been eleminated, and the level of cost control you want is operational.


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