Energy API

Assessment, Planning

& Implementation

Reducing Energy costs and improving control over expenses is a straight-forward process with Eco Management's Energy API   approach. 

Driven by data, energy optimization and expense reduction opportunities are identified, corrective measures developed and strategically sequenced for rollout to create immediate financial improvements and long-term savings - year after year.

Typically there are 250 to 400 or more discrete points of energy use across a RV or club property.  Each point of use is an opportunity to conserve and control energy consumption, eliminate waste energy and improve operating profits.  

An Energy Snapshot of the property is a great starting point in identifying where and what smart energy steps have already taken, and what the next easy steps are to create additional energy and expense savings while the property Energy Plan is being developed.

The Energy API process builds on the initial Energy Snapshot to create the club's Energy Plan and schedule that is molded to your property's unique needs and circumstances.

The Energy Plan guides implementation of the sequenced energy conservation measures over time. 

As the energy conservation measures are implemented the savings  "Snowball", virtually self-funding the energy conservation measures to follow.   

The Results: Immediate energy savings and expense reductions and a long-term bending of energy expense curve across the property.    

We have ideas to share.  Let's talk today.

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Keys to

Energy API Success


How does resort management help ensure Energy API success ?


Experience has shown these key factors:




Intentional (and focused) on reducing consumption, stopping waste and the sending of precious operating profits to the utility for no additional benefit.




Stick to the ECM implementation schedule.  If circumstances dictate a pause then resume the schedule as quickly as possible.  Operating profits are being lost with each day that passes.



Cheer Leader in Chief

for the Energy Plan


Get the staff onboard and thinking about conservation.  They see first hand where waste can be reduced or eliminated, and not just with energy, but with other resources as well.  


Recognize and reward their contributions toward the savings goals.


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