A Club's Success Story

More than a decade ago Venice Golf and Country Club embarked on the path to energy conservation, waste elimination and expense reduction.

Working with James Schell, General Manager (MBA/CCM), we began systematically inventorying and analyzing each area of energy use across the entire property, from the Clubhouse to the irrigation systems.  

The data gathered lead to the formulation of energy conservation measures (ECMs) and implementation schedules designed to secure the easy savings first and progress through to more complex ECMs.     

Through a creative technology acquisition process, as well as combined and coordinated purchases with other client clubs with like ECMs requirements, technology has been sourced at rates that created exceptionally short ECM breakeven periods and high project ROIs.  Such is the rule, not the exception.  

Over the ensuing years the ECMs have been implemented. Year after year the completed ECMs continue to pay financial and operational dividends.  

The compounding savings helped fund additional ECMs that further reduced energy-related operating expenses while enhancing the facility. 

For Venie Golf & Country Club, a virtual savings "snowball" has been created.

We are pleased to have played a key role in Venice Golf & Country Club achieving their energy and sustainability goals, and to continue as a contributor to the club's success.


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